ASI Group

Tailrace Inspection Using ROV

ASI provided underwater inspection and hydrographic survey services at a hydroelectric power plant located in Western Canada. The project objective was to identify areas of interest in the tailrace such as scour, undermining and accumulations of sediment / debris. To achieve this, ASI’s team utilized a combination of technologies and methods to collect the required data and deliver a comprehensive report of project findings.

A traditional survey boat, outfitted with a survey grade multi-beam echo sounder (MBES) system, was used to survey the river bottom at the tailrace, which provided a spatially referenced three-dimensional (3D) point cloud.  ASI’s customized ROV; outfitted with a MBES system, two-dimensional (2D) imaging sonar and high-definition video camera, was used to collect additional data to supplement the point cloud, ground truth results from the MBES  survey and qualify features of interest noted during the MBES survey.

Our work yielded numerous areas of interest using a combination of acoustic (sonar) and visual (video) means. The ASI team meticulously captured all observations and included them in the final report, providing the client with a comprehensive assessment of the tailrace’s condition.

ASI’s solution provides the client with baseline data from which future work can be compared to understand differences in the condition of asset, which ultimately allows the owner to mitigate potential problems and optimize the hydro facility’s performance.