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Nuclear Diving

ASI is the first company in Canada to develop techniques to safely dive in underwater radiological environments.

We offer a wide range of commercial diving services to the nuclear power industry, carried out by highly trained staff experienced in large, complex and multi-disciplinary projects

ASI commercial divers successfully complete repair and maintenance projects in radiated environments with well-coordinated planning and thorough adherence to nuclear safety protocol and contaminated environment diving procedures. The alternative option to utilizing a commercial diver is dewatering, which can be both cost prohibitive and hazardous since it poses extreme safety risks to the generating station and its operating personnel.  We ensure the necessary procedures and plans are in place to protect the safety of the divers, crew and facility while working in radiological environments. 

ASI specializes in underwater radiological environment diving for inspection, maintenance and repair in areas such as:

      • Primary and Secondary Spent Fuel Bays
      • Fuel Transfer Bays
      • Fuel Handling Systems
      • Vacuum Building, Emergency Water Storage Tank
Nuclear Diving - ASI Group

ASI is committed to the radiation safety principal ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) and operates under strict Quality Control/Assurance guidelines as a registered member of ISO 9001:2015. 


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