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Marine Construction

ASI is uniquely qualified to provide inspection, maintenance and repair services to support marine construction projects

Marine Construction - ASI GroupASI has demonstrated experience integrating commercial diving services for a variety of marine construction projects  such as water intakes and effluent outfalls including the installation of chlorine solution line systems, major structure coffer dams, bridge piers and abutments, power generating station structures and various docks and terminals. Our team of engineers, technicians and specialized personnel paired with our working knowledge of hazardous structures has proven beneficial in determining access strategies, flow containment and equipment deployment for recovery operations at water intake facilities and low-head dam structures. ASI holds a Lloyds Register Class B Underwater Welding Procedure developed for AWS D3.6:2017 Underwater Welding Code, and we qualify our commercial divers to this Class B procedure. ASI is an Industry expert with unparalleled records in safety, reliability and effectiveness.

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