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ASI is passionate about developing and delivering innovative solutions for our clients.

Our purpose is to use our expertise in all areas of underwater surveys and inspections, maintenance, tunneling and mussel monitoring and control to create peace-of-mind for our clients.

ASI’s success is a result of long-term and symbiotic relationships with valued clients while innovatively managing their non-core business.

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35+ years providing reliable, leading-edge underwater services world-wide

ASI Group Ltd provides industries and governments worldwide with leading-edge underwater services focused on the assessment, maintenance, rehabilitation, and construction of underwater infrastructure and environments. More specifically, ASI Marine specializes in underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) inspections, commercial diving and marine geophysical/hydrographic surveys. Our commercial diving expertise has also allowed us the opportunity to provide hyperbaric intervention support services to the tunneling industry.


ASI Group Ltd has been leaders and innovators in inspection and surveying technology and underwater methodologies for over 30 years.


Our long-standing relationships with clients have enabled our company to grow and continue to develop solutions.

Industry Leading

Recognized world-wide as industry subject matter experts in underwater intervention methodologies.

Providing industries and governments worldwide with leading-edge underwater services for over 30 years.