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Underwater Dam Investigation

ASI provides pertinent information for dam safety assessments.  

Regular inspections can prevent dam failures. Remote technology can help.

Inspection and Maintenance are critical to the performance and longevity of underwater infrastructures.  

Measurable data, images and videos can be collected using remote technologies for condition assessment and regulated inspection reports. ASI has gained international recognition for research and development of remote techniques for underwater inspection and maintenanceWe have developed methodologies of using sonar systems to capture pertinent data under flow conditions. Our team of Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) pilots, techniciansengineers and certified hydrographers are well-versed in the area of underwater data collection and have gained vast experience working at numerous dam sites across the globe. Pacoima Dam - ASI Group

ASI provides clear and accurate reports for condition assessment review.

Our reports include:

      • full synopsis of the facility & the methods of inspection 
      • Identification of areas of interest 
      • Accurate representation of asset 
      • Raw/Edited inspection video and stills 
      • Measurable and comparable data 
      • XYZ data points with ability to export to CAD 
      • Sonar mosaics 
      • Volumetric Assessments 

Where it is safe, ASI’s commercial divers can provide tactile investigations and are supported with our in-house technology to conduct comprehensive inspections for reporting and documentation. Our commercial dive crews are also experienced in successfully completing repair and installations projects including installation of trash racks, gates and cofferdams. 

ASI provides inspections for the following areas:

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