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Hyperbaric Support

ASI is proud to be the first Canadian company to provide Hyperbaric Tunneling Support Services to tunneling companies in North America.  These services include consultation for all hyperbaric needs including planning, risk assessment, safety and adherence to local regulatory requirements. ASI specializes in hyperbaric intervention support, hyperbaric worker training, equipment maintenance program and servicing of the air-lock and supporting systems.

Our Hyperbaric Tunneling Support team stays on site during various stages of the tunneling project. These highly trained individuals are unique in their abilities. Trained to perform construction, repair and inspection work in physical high pressure environments, the hyperbaric tunneling support team  can support your immediate needs to help get your TBM up and running after a breakdown, avoiding further project delays.

Hyperbaric Support - ASI Group
Hyperbaric Support - ASI Group

ASI has successfully completed over 500 hyperbaric interventions.

Hyperbaric intervention services include:

Hyperbaric Support - ASI Group

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