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Tunnel & Pipeline Inspections

Remote Inspections provide a safer and cost-effective alternative to dewatering tunnels and pipelines

The use of remote systems is an enabling technology that provides an inspection solution where there previously was none.

Inspection of tunnels and pipelines can present challenges. Tunnels and pipelines are often hidden from sight, have limited access and can be several kilometers (miles) long. De-watering tunnels and pipelines for walk-through inspection is not always possible and when attempted, can be dangerous and costly. In some cases, the inspection of the tunnel or pipeline cannot be accomplished as some facilities were not built with the intent of ever isolating or dewatering them.  Leaving a tunnel or pipeline in a watered state during inspection eliminates the time required to safely dewater and eliminate water waste.

ASI understands that time is of the essence when such assets are taken out of service and commits sufficient resources to provide 24-hour continuous operations for as long as the client requires. Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) are controlled from the surface and data from the vehicle sensors are displayed in real-time and recorded for future review. This unique capability places ASI as the world leader for long tunnel inspection work.

Tunnel & Pipeline Inspections - ASI Group
Tunnel & Pipeline Inspections - ASI Group

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For over 30 years ASI has solved the world’s toughest underwater challenges. We provide clients with experienced personnel, tailored solutions, accurate data and comprehensive reports needed to make critical, timely and cost-effective decisions regarding underwater infrastructure remediation, maintenance and repair. Our tunnel experience optimizes the combination of equipment and inspection protocols to satisfy project goals efficiently and with consistent quality.


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