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Underwater dive inspection and pump well cleaning at industrial facility

Underwater Dive Inspection - ASI Group

ASI Marine, a division of ASI Group Ltd (ASI), was contracted by the client to perform an underwater dive inspection, and cleaning and debris removal for six pump wells located at their facility. The purpose of the underwater inspection was to identify the condition of the pump wells, and determine the cleaning requirements.

For the underwater inspection, ASI provided a four-man commercially qualified diving crew with supervision in accordance with all relevant provincial and federal regulations and requirements. The dive crew was equipped with surface supply diving helmet systems (Mk17 and Mk27) and underwater helmet-mounted colour video camera and light system (for real-time monitoring). The inspection divers were also equipped with additional tooling for cleaning and removal of debris.

Diving personnel were staged from a 16-foot dive support truck, housing the two surface supply diving systems along with high pressure/low pressure and redundant diver air supply, support equipment/tooling and first aid emergency response equipment. The support truck was setup as close as possible to the entry point allowing for prompt diver extraction if required.

During dive operations, the diving supervisor directed and monitored the inspection and cleaning progress in real-time. The client representative was also able to communicate with the inspection diver to ensure complete coverage was achieved.

Upon completion of the project, ASI provided the client with high resolution video of the inspection.

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