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Time tracer study conducted at a domestic water treatment plant located at an industrial facility

Water Treatment Plant

ASI Water (ASI) was contracted to complete an inert tracer study at the domestic water treatment plant located at an industrial facility. The study used sodium chloride (NaCl) and lithium chloride (LiCl) as chemical tracers to determine the disinfection contact time with the water treatment plant.

The domestic water treatment plant draws raw water from a nearby lake to meet the potable water needs with the facility. The raw water entering the water treatment plant is treated with 12 wt% aqueous sodium hypochlorite and multi-media filtration before being stored and distributed from an in-ground clear well. The on-site domestic water treatment plant consists of:

  • Three raw water pumps,
  • Two multi-media filters,
  • One clear well and,
  • Two distribution pumps.

The main objective of the study was to establish the detention time within the water treatment plant. The estimated detention time was then used to determine the actual contact time, and subsequently assess the capability of the existing water treatment configuration.

ASI utilized the step-dose method for the tracer study. This involved injecting a tracer chemical at a constant dosage until the concentration at the desired end point reaches a steady-state level.

Following the study, ASI provided a formal report summarizing the tracer study results, methodology and recommendation strategies to improve the drinking water disinfection at the facility.

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