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Sediment survey of a water intake channel at an industrial facility

ROV to Gather Underwater Data - ASI Group

ASI Marine, a division of ASI Group (ASI) was contracted by the client to conduct a bathymetric survey of the bay water intake channel at their facility. The purpose of the survey was to utilize a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to gather underwater data regarding the accumulation of sediment in the water intake channel, and conduct a bathymetric survey.

The water intake channel is approximately 520 m long, and cross-sectional sonar profiles were to be taken at 5 m intervals. With this information, accurate sediment accumulation could be collected and analyzed for future dredging operations.

ASI’s Seabotix LBV300XL remotely operated vehicle was utilized to perform the survey of the water intake channel. The ROV was equipped with profiling and navigational sonar, LED lights, HD colour cameras and a 750 m umbilical cable.

The ROV and ancillary components were reviewed in accordance with ASI’s written pre-dive procedure to minimize the risk of system failure, and to ensure the system was performing as expected. After completing the checks, the ROV was deployed and travelled north of the intake channel to collect sediment profiles. The ROV returned to zero position then travelled to the southern end of the intake canal, stopping approximately 10 m from the pump house.

Following the survey, ASI personnel proceeded to the area close to the main building for collection of sediment samples using the ponar sampler. Two samples were collected in separate locations, as advised by the client site contact.

Upon completion of the survey, ASI provided a formal written report including documentation (sediment logs), methodology, equipment descriptions, sonar images and bathymetric survey data. ASI also provided profile scan observations including water depth and elevation, along with a graphical representation of the channel.

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