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ASI Marine Develops an Alternative Safe Method for Surveying in Hazardous High Flow Areas.

Surveying in Hazardous High Flow Areas - ASI Group

Canadian project requires customized solution and ASI Marine delivers.

ASI Marine has developed a safe method for surveying a restricted water way in high flow areas. To overcome the challenge of surveying in hazardous areas, ASI Marine converted a pontoon boat into a multi-mode vessel, precluding personnel from having to be directly on board.

The company’s small aluminum pontoon boat has been commonly used for bathymetric surveys in small inland waterways. In the past, ASI Marine has used a small electric unmanned survey vessel (USV) to conduct operations in hazardous areas.

This survey vessel has been modified to operate in four different modes:

  • Fully Autonomous – follows a pre-planned mission that is downloaded to the on-board control system
  • Remote Interface – connects to the on-board control system for monitoring the vessel status and to take control if necessary,
  • Radio Controlled – for a line of sight operation with a dedicated hand controller, and
  • Manual Control – like a standard vessel

The specialized vessel is highly capable for surveys where multibeam sonar, LiDAR, photography and geophysical data acquisition is required in restricted areas expediting conventional survey projects.

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