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Sturgeon monitoring - ASI Group

Biomonitoring is the process of using remotely operated vehicles (ROV) equipped with 2D and 3D multibeam sonar with high resolution cameras, and vessel mounted dual frequency side scan sonar to allow clients to effectively monitor and assess the presence, density and activity of fish and other organisms.  ASI has a wide range of technology options for sturgeon, sea pens, and other marine species.

It is becoming common practice for regulatory authorities to include monitoring and mitigation requirements in marine construction permits to ensure the protection of marine species. The necessity of sturgeon surveys and monitoring is becoming more frequent within the south coast of British Columbia  during times of construction activity.

 ASI Marine conducted underwater surveys at the Hugh Keenleyside Dam located near Castlegar, British Columbia. Throughout the inspection, numerous White Sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) were observed in the spillway and ASI was commissioned to provide further biomonitoring to include range, habitat locations and physical characteristics.

ASI Marine was also commissioned for sturgeon monitoring in the Fraser River near New Westminster as part of an environmental program associated with a marine construction project. Monitoring was conducted for several weeks at various tidal cycles using a vessel-mounted dual frequency side scan sonar. Project success was achieved by the discovery of sturgeon presence which was previously unknown.

ASI Marine began offering this service after conducting a routine underwater survey at a client’s dam site in British Columbia. Throughout the inspection, numerous white sturgeons were observed in the spillway. The client then wanted to conduct further monitoring of the sturgeon activity including their locations and size.

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