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Flooded Shaft Construction Support for the Second Narrows Water Supply Tunnel Project

Divers Descending Second Narrows Water Supply Tunnel

Being “in the dark” is never a good thing, but for our divers, it’s a part of the job

WESTERN CANADA – As the water supply tunnel starts being excavated from North Vancouver, under Burrard Inlet, to Second Narrows Park in Burnaby, BC, ASI provided the Turnkey Commercial Diving Support needed to assist with the construction of the tunnel’s launch shaft.

The Second Narrows Water Supply Tunnel project is part of Metro Vancouver’s regional plan to upgrade the existing potable water distribution infrastructure. When complete, the new water supply tunnel will meet current seismic standards and will help ensure the continued reliable delivery of clean, safe, drinking water to the growing region.

ASI’s experienced project managers and qualified commercial divers supported all in water construction requirements, utilizing specialized equipment (decompression chambers) and expertise. The extreme pressures and depths that existed during shaft construction required both proven and adaptable methodologies with strict work plans and adherence to WorkSafeBC Regulations. As constant variables present themselves for all planned and unplanned operations, ASI maintained maximum flexibility with its approach to planning, staging and execution.

In addition to ASI’s commercial diving capabilities supporting underwater (flooded) shaft construction, ASI provides full turnkey support for the next phase of the tunnel’s construction – ‘Hyperbaric Intervention Support’. Comprising of consulting, project management, supervision, medical support, and workers; for all compressed air tasks ranging from inspections to tool changes to full certified hyperbaric welding repairs.

Watch the following video and see our divers in action on the Second Narrows Water Supply Tunnel project for Metro Vancouver.

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