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ASI uses an integrated approach to mussel management, of which monitoring is a critical component.

ASI has been providing mussel monitoring services to clients across Ontario, New York and Michigan since the late 1980’s, pioneering the research used in mussel monitoring programs today.

Our biological monitoring services are comprehensive and assess the severity of mussel infestation within a water supply system. The program includes seasonal measurement of cumulative mussel infestation levels, with the goal of implementing a mitigation strategy once the levels reach a pre-determined site-specific threshold.

Site-specific monitoring programs determine the need, extent, timing and effectiveness of control programs that are designed and implemented to form a mussel control strategy that is integrated, comprehensive and pro-active.  These conclusions will be used to identify the most effective means of protecting a raw water system from infestation.

Our involvement can range from general consulting to the monitoring, installation and operation of mussel treatment systems.

The unique skills and knowledge that ASI has attained with three decades of experience provides our clients from the power generation and manufacturing industry, as well as water and wastewater treatment, with a broad range of mussel monitoring and control options. 

A mussel monitoring program is used to make several conclusions, including:

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