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Remote Inspections & Surveying

Our experts can determine the structural integrity of your underwater asset.

Remote Inspections & Surveying - ASI Group

ASI employs a fleet of customizable ROVs with 2D and 3D sonar technology and high-resolution video to locate any anomalies during an underwater inspection.

ASI offers multiple methods of utilizing various underwater sonar technologies and SD and HD video cameras to collect data. Images, videos and 3D modelling are collected in underwater environments using remotely operated vehicles (ROV) and unmanned survey vessels (USV). Simultaneously collecting digital video and sonar imaging in real-time provides a high degree of accuracy in structural assessments, so you can make an informed decision and eliminate the risk and expense of dewatering.

Specially trained engineers and technicians determine the best methods for collecting your data, and with our underwater robotic facilities, fabrication shops, and experienced personnel located in-house, we provide rapid response and consistent quality for remote inspections. Final reports summarize the processed data, include inspection logs, highlight areas of interest, detail the technologies used, and provides other comprehensive data that is essential for further asset management planning.

ASI Group is known for its leadership role in proving the viability of using remotely operated vehicles (ROV) for the purpose of engineering inspections and has gained international recognition for research and development of remote techniques, providing safe and cost-effective data collection for condition assessments. 

Remote inspections provide:

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