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ASI Marine: A leader in solving some of the world’s most difficult underwater challenges.

At ASI Marine, we see what you can’t. Many of the world’s top industries rely on access to water and infrastructure below its surface. These industry leaders count on ASI Marine to provide them with a clear and accurate understanding of what lies beneath the water’s surface. The goal is to stop problems before they become serious.

Since 1987, ASI Marine has been covering a wide range of industries across the globe, developing the specialized expertise and the most advanced technology required to handle virtually any underwater challenge.

From inspections, repairs, and marine construction to geophysical and hydrographic surveys, ASI Marine offers a full range of services to support client needs.

From inspection, repair and construction to geophysical and hydrographic surveys, ASI offers a full range of services.

ASI Marine engineers, commercial diving crews, and highly-trained technicians have pioneered techniques and have developed equipment specifically designed for underwater inspection and the repair of tunnels, pipelines, and major infrastructure. ASI Marine maintains a fleet of advanced robotic vehicles that are equipped with the latest sonar and video imaging equipment. These vehicles provide critical data, recommendations, and solutions in order to ensure that underwater assets are protected and are operating effectively for the long-term.

ASI Marine services include:

•    Long tunnel inspections using remotely operated vehicles (ROVs)

•    Underwater infrastructure inspections

•    Commercial diving

•    Industrial maintenance

•    Nuclear plant maintenance

•    Geophysical, side-scan, and bathymetry surveys

•    2D and 3D sonar surveys

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Nw territories

Sophisticated environmental clean-up.


ASI Marine conducted marine geophysical surveys to delineate contaminated mine tailings in Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories. Detailed bathymetric surveys were completed in order to organize the sea beds into discrete units based on characterizing acoustic responses generated by an echo sounder. “Ground-truthing” confirmed the acoustic classification by collecting underwater video with a drop camera at selected locations. The collected data and images facilitated a formal study to investigate environmental clean-up options.

New york

The world’s first Autonomous Underwater Vehicle.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, New York City

ASI Marine developed the first Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) to collect engineering information for long distance tunnel inspection. The wireless, tetherless system means unlimited distance capability.


Bathymetric Survey inspects lagoon system.

Ontario Power Generation, Ash Lagoon System, Ontario

Ontario Power Generation required a bathymetric survey to assist with determining proper maintenance practices in its Ash Lagoon. OPG wanted to conduct the test without any workers entering the water. ASI provided marine bathymetric services with a detailed analysis for the lagoon with an unmanned survey vessel. Information on each of the five system cells in the lagoon was provided, including water depth, sediment location and relevant anomalies.

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Peruvian andes

Saturation dive helps restore maximum generation and revenue.

Electro eru, PERUVIAN ANDES, SOUTH America

Major obstructions blocking a deep tunnel shaft in the Peruvian Andes prevented Electroperu from conducting an ROV-based tunnel inspection to determine head pressure loss. ASI Marine conducted a saturation dive in excess of 100 meters down the tunnel surge shaft. Using a habitat bell and decompression chamber, the ASI crew were able to work safely and efficiently, cutting the obstructions in the shaft and allowing ROV entry for comprehensive data collection and inspection. The tunnel was eventually inspected and a remediation plan established, allowing for maximum generation and revenue.


ASI Marine builds confidence in large infrastructure globally.

Tinguiririca Tunnel, Chile

Tinguiririca Energy is a major Chilean hydropower company that was forced to suspend use of a major intake tunnel for three years due to its complete collapse. After the tunnel was reopened, ASI developed an advanced inspection procedure to predict a future tunnel collapse well before it happens. 

Only ASI had the technology and expertise to provide that assurance, using multi-beam sonar technology to map every inch of the tunnel with more detail than had ever been attempted before, anywhere in the world. This “world first” approach provided a reliable and cost-effective method of pre-determining and preventing future tunnel failure.

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Puerto rico

Finding and repairing small leaks far out to sea and deep below the surface are some of our specialties.

The Ponce Deep Ocean Outfall, Puerto Rico

The Ponce Deep Ocean Outfall is a wastewater treatment plant in Puerto Rico. During annual inspections, leaks 122 m underwater and 5.5 km offshore were found, leading to fears of contamination. For reasons of safety and cost efficiency, the use of commercial divers was not an option. After a global search, only ASI Marine was capable of finding a solution, designing a customized spot repair sleeve, and adapting an ROV specifically for the project. ASI Marine also developed and patented a new grout that could be used reliably under the extremely demanding conditions of the site. 

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The world’s longest tunnel inspection saves 45% over conventional repair costs.

Päijänne tunnel, Finland

The Päijänne tunnel transports water from Lake Päijänne to Helsinki. A collapse threatened the supply of drinking water to Finland’s capital. The problem had to be addressed immediately. ASI responded, with crews on site within 14 days, and began inspecting the area using the ASI Mantaro – the only ROV capable of such a mission. The underwater survey set a record for the length of tunnel to be explored by a remote operated vehicle, and the cost of the inspection and repair was just 45% of a manned solution.

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Canada’s first dive into irradiated water saves millions of dollars.

Bruce Power, Ontario

The transfer cistern in the Bruce A Fuel Storage System required urgent repairs. Traditional means of repair would involve several weeks work and millions of dollars. A better solution was needed. ASI solved the problem with a single dive. The repair was done safely, quickly, and effectively, saving Bruce Power significant costs. The repair also saved 78 days/year of workload. It was another first for ASI: never before had there been a manned dive into irradiated water in Canada.

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Deep dive into Finnish tunnel finds major collapse.

Päijänne tunnel, Finland

The Päijänne Tunnel, which is 128 km long, experienced a reduction in flow and a loss of head pressure almost overnight. Paakaupunkiseudun Vesi Oy, the Finnish potable water supplier suspected a collapse somewhere in the 128 km distance.  In order to complete an ROV inspection, divers were required to enter the tunnel through a construction addit to install sheaves at pre-determined locations along bends in the tunnel. ASI divers were required to enter the tunnel to a maximum distance of over 300 meters and at a water depth of over 40 meters. The project was successful with the ROV inspection finding a major collapse in the tunnel resulting in bypass tunnel construction to get the vital facility back online and saving millions of dollars in lost revenue.

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