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As long-time experts in the field of Mussel Management, we know the protocols to get the most effective results in the shortest amount of time.

Biofouling management, monitoring and control services provide crucial information to our clients, giving them the ability to plan and implement mitigation measures with turnkey solutions.  

ASI partnered with what was previously known as Ontario Hydro in the early 1990’s to pioneer a solution to mussel infestation affecting industries that were impacted by zebra mussels infesting pipelines and other underwater assets in the Great Lakes. Since then ASI has continued to assist various industry (Power Generation, Manufacturing and Municipalities) with mussel mitigation strategies while continuing to keep up with the latest in mussel monitoring and control technologies.

ASI provides full Control and Monitoring solutions. ASI lends our Environmental Compliance Approval for mussel control programs and provides a myriad of services including installation of analytical instrumentation and loggers, system commissioning and operation, and all Ministry of the Environment permits, compliance sampling, monitoring and reporting. Having the practical experience and expertise allows our Biofouling Control and Monitoring specialists to provide solutions to challenging problems relating to macrofouling of critical water supply systems (cooling, process, fire protection, etc.). Our team is familiar with a multitude of solutions available and can work with you to recommend the best solution.

With over 30 years’ experience in Mussel Management, ASI has become widely recognized as the industry leader in the invasive species field as it relates to zebra (driessena polymorpha) and quagga (driesenna bugensis) mussels.  Our management services include:

      • Initial site assessment
      • Evaluation of susceptibility to infestation
      • Risk assessment of critical plant components
      • Development of detailed management plan

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We offer a complete turnkey package which includes:

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