Unmanned Survey Vessel (USV)

ASI provides a unique USV that can be manually operated remotely by radio link or can operate autonomously using a pre-programmed mission plan with a Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS). This unique unmanned survey vehicle collects underwater survey information for surface water applications such as aqueducts, canals and lagoons. The vehicle has low draft requirements and easy maneouverability in shallow water. There are no on board gas powered engines or personnel, which permits for access to restricted water zones. The USV can be custom figured for a variety of operations.

The benefits of using an USV over a traditional fully manned vessel:

  • Safety – eliminate personnel on the water, minimize risk to rew and client staff
  • Logistics – easier to deploy and recover (can be deployed by hand from shoreline)
  • Coverage – investigation of confined areas and shallow water; increased maneuverability

The USV platform can be equipped with a wide array of sensor and/or packages such as:

  • Side Scan Sonar
  • Single or Multi-beam Echo Sounders
  • Sub-bottom Profilers
  • Above & Below Water Cameras
  • Environmental Parameter Sensor (i.e. Temperature, Turbidity, Conductivity, etc.)
  • Micro-ROV Deployment
  • Sediment Characterization Equipment
  • Sediment Sampling Equipment


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