Long Tunnel & Pipeline Internal Inspections

ASI Group is the world leader in inspections of long water conveyance tunnels using Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV’s). Tunnel inspections utilizing ROV technology provide:

  • Identification of voids, leaks and other anomalies affecting structural integrity
  • Volumetric assessment of accumulated debris or sediment
  • Critical data for decision making for outages and remediation strategies
  • Eliminating the need for costly plant shutdowns and tunnel dewatering
  • ASI’s tunnel experience optimizes the combination of equipment and inspection protocols to satisfy project goals efficiently with consistent quality

Each vehicle in ASI’s ROV fleet has the longest distance capabilities of their class worldwide. Our unique tunnel inspection experience and underwater robotic capabilities have earned ASI a place in the Guinness World Book of Records, records which remain unchallenged.

3D Mapping for Condition Assessment

New and innovative technologies enable ASI Marine technicians to collect point cloud data and produce unique and remarkable 3D visuals allowing clients an easy, clear and accurate understanding for their condition assessment.

ASI Marine’s capability to perform mapping of submerged infrastructure adds great benefits to generating a complete condition assessment, with the ability to create baseline and comparative surveys. Inertial Navigation coupled with acoustic profilers allow for production of complete, geo-referenced data sets. 3-dimensional maps of pipelines and tunnels can be constructed for real-time display and processed deliverables.

ASI works with clients to assemble a custom suit of equipment and technologies to meet project requirements. During an investigation, data collection is displayed in real-time to aid in navigation and to allow the technician to make instantaneous analysis of the infrastructure. Recorded information is used to generate detailed reports including graphics and models of the assets.

Detailed reports in various formats allow clients a greater understanding of their asset’s condition and, assists clients in making decisions relating to cost effective maintenance programs.

Did You Know?

  • Over 1.5 million data points can be collected per minute (25,000 data points per second)
  • The system utilizes the earth’s rotation to determine bearings
  • Interactive 3D models can be viewed using virtual reality technology

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