Hydrographic Mapping Surveys

ASI’s hydrographic mapping services provide clients with a thorough underwater investigation of the conditions of rivers, estuaries, channels, lakes, harbour bottom surfaces and submerged infrastructure.  A combination of geophysical mapping equipment and the latest charting technology enables us to locate and assess any submerged surface features and targets addressed by our clients.  The findings are measured and mapped with precision accuracy in real-time.

ASI’s underwater mapping services include:

Multi-beam Bathymetry

  • 100% bottom coverage
  • High precision bathymetric data
  • Ideal for large areas
  • Compensation for vessel pitch, roll and heave
  • Image mapping

Single-beam Bathymetry

  • Highly accurate water depth and bottom contours
  • Low cost
  • Highly portable enabling expedited mobilization
  • Easily deployed on small boats/ships

Side Scan Sonar

  • Industry standard technique for image mapping
  • Provides excellent target detection, bottom classification
  • Highly accurate
  • Used to delineate very small targets and bottom features
  • High or low resolution options

ASI’s in-house certified hydrographers, cartographers and graphic specialists produce detailed technical reports (hardcopy and GIS compatible formats) utilizing geophysical data acquired during the underwater investigations.  Each report is produced to help clients make informed decisions.

Water Current Monitoring and Sediment Data Collection

ASI utilizes acoustic Doppler current profilers (ADCPs) to collect water flow data in virtually every type of water body.

Key benefits:

  • Unattended long term deployment
  • Complete water column sampling
  • Cost effective
  • Reliable – no moving parts
  • Low profile (can be protected from dragging anchors)

Current profiler units can be configured for any and every required investigation.  By programming in all necessary parameters, a complete profile of the water currents can be determined for each deployment location.  Information is gathered over a set period of time and stored in the unit.  Upon recovery, information can be downloaded, viewed, analyzed and presented to provide our clients with critical data so they can make informed decisions.

Depending on bottom type and water depth, a drop core sample or a grab sample can be collected using manual or remote techniques.  Physical samples can be analyzed for contamination, grain size, and geotechnical properties.

Sonar Profiling and Imaging Surveys

ASI Group provides a wide range of sonar technologies that enable data collection in high flow, highly turbid and hazardous environments.   ASI’s Dual-Axis Sonar (DAS) system technology enables collection of critical underwater infrastructure data without the burden of costly downtime.

Benefits of Sonar Surveys:

  • Remote target identification
  • Monitoring of silt and debris accumulation, scour and erosion in hazardous conditions
  • Observation of collapse or undercutting occurrences enabling corrective action
  • Remote measurement of infrastructure

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