Underwater Permanent Shell Plating Repairs

ASI Marine technicians can design and template custom made cofferdams onsite, offering fast and efficient service. As a result, shell plate damage can be replaced successfully, dock side. Utilizing Class accepted procedures and process for inwater dry habitat weld repairs providing efficient cost solutions.

Underwater Wet Welding Repairs

ASI Marine owns and maintains an underwater weld testing tank as part of our in-house training program. This program ensures our weld technicians are up-to-date with underwater weld techniques, and more importantly, that we are in compliance with Class certifications. Our training program has established proprietary Class-approved underwater wet weld procedures to ensure clients received the best repair results.

Services include; wet weld permanent and temporary repairs, anode installation, rope guard installation, fairwater and access cover installation.

Underwater Propeller Repairs

With over 14 years of propeller repair experience, our team can modify propeller blades through precision cropping and blade edge profiling, with the use of static balance technics to provide smooth running propellers. Additionally, our team has successfully changed out C.P. Blades dock side, allowing for vessels to maintain schedules.

Cofferdam Design & Fabrication for underwater seal and machinery replacement

ASI owns and maintains a wide variety of cofferdams in stock for projects requiring quick repair solutions, including top entry cofferdams for stern seal, machinery replacement and repair.

Our team of technicians can design, fabricate and install project specific cofferdams onsite allowing for excellent fit-up to contoured shell plate.

Contact Richard Engel for more information on Underwater Ship Services

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