Research & Development

Leading the industry requires continuous research and development at ASI Group.

ASI Group’s services are provided worldwide to manufacturing industries, power generators and water utilities. We employ a wide range of people with expertise in multiple disciplines. ASI’s team has gained wide recognition for their practical expertise and versatility in handling work in diverse and often challenging environments, from the sub-zero temperatures of Finland to the remote altitude of the Andes Mountains in Peru. While our expertise is niche specific and transports our capabilities to many parts of the globe, ASI has developed an extensive network of resources to service our local and regional clients in the Niagara Peninsula and Ontario.

ASI Group strives to be the very best in the industry and this requires on-going research and development efforts.

Current projects include:

ROV Deployed GPR  (Ground Penetrating Radar) Technology: GPR is a method that uses radar pulses to create images of the subsurface environment.  ROV based submersible GPR will allow ASI to enhance tunnel inspection information by providing structural details behind tunnel liners and walls.

Hybrid AUV/ROV system: A hybrid AUV/ROV provides the benefits of real time telemetry (video and vehicle control) without the need for large diameter cables since power is supplied by on-board battery systems.   Inspection range will exceed 20 km.

ABIS – Above and Below Inspection System: ROV type inspection system developed to provide information both below water (submerged) and above water (air space) in partially flooded  water and wastewater conveyance tunnels.