Remote Infrastructure Repair and Cleaning

ASI offers an impressive range of repair and cleaning solutions for any industry with underwater infrastructure. Utilizing ROV services for your repair or cleaning needs provides numerous benefits:

  • Eliminates the need for costly shutdowns or dewatering
  • Unlimited bottom-time reduces time onsite
  • Eliminates liability of human intervention
  • Ability to clean/repair inaccessible infrastructures (due to water depth, flow, or distance)
  • ASI has successfully developed a patented Underwater Self-Sealing Grout; a light weight cement repair mixture that is initially gelatinous which can be readily pumped up to 1000 ft. without plugging.

Our extensive expertise in underwater ROV’s, combined with innovative repair and cleaning techniques, offer flexible and cost effective solutions to our clients.


ASI Marine’s ROSEbud™ provides a solution for remote removal of sediment in underwater confined spaces under operational conditions, eliminating human risk and costs associated with shutdown and dewatering.

Designed and fabricated by ASI Marine’s ROV Engineering team to fit into a standard manhole opening, the ROSEbud™ is the first small scale Remotely Operated Submersible Excavator (ROSE™) in ASI Marine’s fleet. With a 150 m /500 ft. umbilical, the ASI ROSEbud™ is capable of performing tunnel and pipeline inspection and cleaning tasks in flow conditions at depths up to 30 m/100 ft.

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