Underwater Leak Detection

ASI Marine utilizes various technologies to safely identify and locate leaks in underwater assets.


High Resolution Video

High-resolution video systems can be used to acquire camera stills to better identify leakage points, and use images for photogrammetric modeling. It can also be used to produce a 3D model to accurately measure any defects and to confirm dimensions of the existing configuration. These measurements can be useful in preparation of any maintenance or repair methodologies.

Dye Injection & Tell Tails

To aid in the detection of leaks, bright nylon cords are attached to the front of the ROV to form “tell tails”. Upon the presence of flow, the cords are drawn towards the source of the leak, providing a quick visual representation in front of the video camera.

As a further indicator of flow, a dye injection system is integrated to the ROV. This system uses a bladder of premixed water soluble dye tracer which is NSF approved, injected at the suspected leak area. The pilot is able to discharge quantities of dye on demand, useful for identifying leaks with the colour camera.

Acoustic Leak Detection

In conditions where there is little to no visibility, acoustic leak detection can be very effective in identifying and locating leaks. An underwater microphone is deployed using several methods and configurations specific to the type of asset, such as pipelines, tunnels, and dams. Acoustic leak detection can be used to identify areas of concern which can be further investigated and confirmed using coloured video, tell tails and dye injection.


  • Avoid downtime & high cost of repair and construction
  • Obtain high-accuracy data collection in flooded conditions
  • Collection of interactive volume & surface analysis data used for comphrensive studies or investigations
  • Customized solutions for leak detection and repair


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