Biofouling Services

ASI is recognized as the industry leader for zebra mussel and quagga mussel control

ASI is recognized as the industry leader in zebra mussel control research and design. We currently operate treatment systems utilizing chemical and non-chemical options for various industries and water treatment facilities throughout the great lakes area. ASI Group has the expertise to help you deal with the most challenging problems with biological fouling of critical water flows. Our state-of-the-art biofouling control systems include monitoring, maintenance and prevention programs that minimize the risk and cost of unscheduled downtime. Treatment of water systems is effective, safe, and economic.

Chlorination of raw cooling and service water systems remains the most frequently practiced and proven means of Zebra mussel control. Treatment of these water systems is effective, safe, economic and pose minimal risk to the aquatic environment and the benthic community.

For static water systems, ASI has developed and applied a unique approach to mussel eradication using commercially available potash. This environmentally friendly control agent effectively stops the mussels from developing and blocking imperative flow systems, while meeting outflow toxicity standards without treatment.

Control strategies range from:

  • Continuous low level chlorination of the service water during the entire reproductive season of the mussel
  • Single shock treatment at some time near the end of the mussel reproductive season
  • Potash treatment for static industrial fire water systems

As an alternative to the extensive costs and effort involved in designing, implementing and operating a chlorination and dechlorination system for zebra mussel control, ASI has developed a completely portable and turnkey system using chlorine or potash as control agents. Turnkey services include installation and operation of chemical metering skids, data loggers, chart recorders, analytical instrumentation and dechlorination systems.

Our methods have been developed to be very effective and also environmentally friendly.

We offer a complete turnkey package which includes:

  • Initial site assessment
  • Use of ASI Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA)
  • Installation of chlorination metering skids and tankage
  • Installation of analytical instrumentation and loggers
  • System commissioning/operation
  • Compliance Sampling and Reporting
  • Breakdown and demobilization

ASI currently provides mussel control programs for over forty industries and water treatment facilities throughout the Great Lakes watershed.

In addition, ASI provides all Ministry of the Environment (MOE) permits, compliance monitoring and reporting.


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