About ASI

Since 1987, ASI Group Ltd. has been positioned as an industry leader in water and wastewater engineering and marine services. Originally founded as Aquatic Sciences Inc. by a team of technical professionals committed to providing public and private water and wastewater systems, ASI has now grown to be much more than that. Although our scope and depth of work has continually increased over the years, our core business of marine services and water and wastewater services remains the same. Our strongest asset has been the ability to offer a full service approach – from initial problem identification to the development and implementation of the appropriate solution.

ASI Core Values

  1. Establishing long lasting relationships by putting our clients first
  2. Pioneering innovative solutions
  3. Providing the highest standard in customer service by maintaining an approachable environment
  4. A company culture that is based on honesty, respect and integrity

ASI Core Purpose

ASI is passionate about developing and delivering visionary turnkey solutions for our clients. Our purpose is to create peace-of-mind for our clients by managing all non-core business, innovatively. ASI’s success is a result of long-term and symbiotic relationships with valued clients.

ASI Marine

ASI Marine provides industries and governments worldwide with leading-edge underwater services focused on the assessment, maintenance, rehabilitation, and construction of underwater infrastructure and environments. More specifically, ASI Marine specializes in underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) inspections, commercial diving and marine geophysical/hydrographic surveys. Our commercial diving expertise has also allowed us the opportunity to provide hyperbaric intervention support services to the tunneling industry.

ASI Marine engineers, commercial diving crews, and highly-trained technicians have pioneered techniques and have developed equipment specifically designed for underwater inspection and the repair of tunnels, pipelines, and major infrastructure.

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ASI Water

ASI specializes in water and wastewater operations and engineering, and marine inspection services; from preliminary environmental impact surveys or needs assessment, through design and construction, and continuing with project management, contract plant operations, inspections and repair. Our hands on, multi-disciplinary team handles a wide variety of technical issues and provides workable, cost effective programs and systems to meet our client’s expectation of value and quality.

ASI is incorporated in the Province of Ontario (#713143) and has been engaged in providing water and wastewater operations and maintenance services to municipalities and private systems in accordance with Provincial and Federal regulations and applicable Environmental Compliance Approvals.

ASI Water’s team includes experienced professional engineers, as well as certified and licensed water and wastewater treatment operators well-versed in remote SCADA technology.

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