2D and 3D Sonar

Inspection and maintenance is critical to the performance and longevity of underwater infrastructures. As technology has evolved, inspection of these structures are possible with use of commercial divers and robotic vehicles. However, these methods may require costly shut down periods. As a result, ASI Marine has designed and built specialized sonar systems capable of collecting pertinent data in flow conditions.

Using advanced sonar technology provides accurate dimensional information regarding the structure condition and accumulated debris. It can be used to obtain 2D or 3D information of any underwater infrastructure or object, including flooded shafts, intake structures, spillways, dams and penstocks, all while under operational conditions providing important data showcasing what lies beneath the surface in a clear and precise graphic representation.


  • Eliminate costly shutdowns.
  • Monitor silt and debris accumulation, scour, and erosion in hazardous conditions.
  • Observe collapse or undercutting occurrences, therefore enabling corrective action.
  • Provide a remote measurement of infrastructure

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